Welcome to Pierlot Pension Law

Pierlot Pension Law launched as a boutique firm in 2011, to provide specialized legal and consulting services to sponsors and administrators of pension and group-retirement plans. The firm advised mostly public-sector pension clients on matters relating to design, administration, funding and investment of retirement plans as well as tax legislation, pension-standards legislation and federal investment rules. The firm also developed and delivered professional-development and continuing-education programs on pension plan governance and administration.

The firm’s principal James Pierlot , is the full-time Chief Executive Officer of Blue Pier™, the registered trade name for Canada’s first fully-outsourced, user-customized, institutional workplace pension solution.  Blue Pier’s “Pension-Plan-as-a-Service” model enables employers of any size, anywhere in Canada to offer premium workplace pension programs without taking on the costs, risks and work of pension management.

For more information about Blue Pier™ click here or send an email to info@bluepier.ca.

Legal and Consulting Services


The Firm’s advisory expertise relates to design, documentation, administration, funding and compliance of types of deferred-income plans including defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, and group RRSPs including legislation, governance guidelines and investment rules.

Member Education


Good communication and education are essential to ensure that members understand the value of a retirement plan, are realistic about what it can deliver and receive all information to which they are entitled. The Firm has expertise creating and delivering on-site educational seminars to unionized and non-unionized pension plan members in a broad range of industries and workplaces, including correctional services, brewing, manufacturing and professional services firms.

Board / Pension Committee Training

Boards, committees and human-resources professionals with responsibility for administering retirement plans have a continuing need for professional development programs to ensure they have the knowledge required for proper discharge of governance and fiduciary responsibilities under legislation, regulations and the common law. The Firm has expertise in developing and/or delivering such educational programming in a variety of settings, including college and certificate courses, and continuing professional development programs.